Top 10 Signs of a Cheater

    Acting restless or unhappy at home (change in behavior or emotional attitude)?

      When it seems the spouse has changed and has something else on his/her mind. It seems they would rather be somewhere else. Are they looking for ways to pick a fight?

    Working a lot of overtime?

      Unaccountable hours away possibly accountable to an affair.

    Added mileage on the vehicle odometer?

      Check this, as this is a great way to monitor driving extra miles to see a lover and importantly, how far away that lover lives.

    Scent of perfume or alcohol?

      Arriving home smelling of perfume/cologne or alcohol indicates that the spouse has been close to another person. Smoke may indicate a bar rendezvous.

    Saying things like “let’s separate” or “I need time by myself”?

      The spouse may have decided they want to commit to another person which may lead them to wanting to separate or divorce.

    New sexual techniques, addiction to porn, or lack of sexual attention to you?

      Your lover is learning new ways that they like to be pleasured and they are involved in sexual experimentation elsewhere. Where? Lack of attention when before there was lots paid to you indicates a major change in the person. Why?

    Taking frequent business trips?

      You used to be invited for these “mini-vacations”. Now you’re home and the spouse is off 1) possibly with a lover on the trip and/or 2) meeting someone at the trip’s destination.

    Finding birth control items?

      If you don’t normally use them, then why should the spouse have them? A sure sign of their being with someone else.

    Hiding the cell phone bill?

      So you can’t see all the times they have called or received a call from a lover. Get the phone number(s) and we can ID the location and who they are!

    Observed too cozy or overfriendly with a friend, office worker, or another person?

      Affairs are more often than not, with someone they are really friendly with; a close friend, someone they know and overly like at work and/or someone they just met who is “trolling” for action.

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