Private Sector CounterIntelligence

    Tamberlane CounterIntelligence, a division of The Tamberlane Company Inc., is an independent security consulting firm, providing eavesdropping detection and counter-espionage services to not only the business, corporate, and government entities but also to at-risk private citizens.

    In the provide sector, we may be executing our TSCM eavesdropping endeavors with regards to a corporate executive's residential security needs and / or to a private citizen's security concerns with regard to his or her being illegally monitored or eavesdropped upon.

    In today’s high-tech world, with the ease of obtaining (locally or over the Internet) and using eavesdropping tools and devices, anyone can be at risk of being targeted, especially those involved in separation and divorce situations. Be they GPS units to monitor vehicle movements, recorders to record conversations, bugs to transmit out conversations, and phone or cell-phone spyware, any or a combination of these devices can be deployed against a target by someone intent on spying on you.

    To ensure eavesdropping security, it is paramount that the suspected individual(s) be prohibited from entering your premises or location. A TSCM sweep will include the residence and vehicles, defining any illegal eavesdropping devices employed at the time of the endeavor. It’s important to ensure that those individuals or entities suspected of eavesdropping and violating your privacy DO NOT have future access to the premises or to your vehicle after the sweep.

    It is our experience that if the suspect individual is either living in the residence or has access to it, then there is a real possibility of ongoing eavesdropping attacks. By having access to your location, they can easily employ and maintain recorder(s) and landline wiretaps at will. Another real consideration is your "smart" cell phone. If someone has access to that cell phone, they can download not only tracking apps to monitor the cell’s location but spyware to monitor conversations. An additional consideration is making sure your privacy is ensured with others who may be living or have access to your residence (children, friends, etc.).

    To contact us concerning an eavesdropping possibility...

    1. Call us from a "safe" phone that is NOT in the area of concern. Do not call from, or discuss your concerns with us within areas which might be under electronic surveillance. Do not use an analog cordless telephone or a "smart" cell phone you think might have been compromised as well.
    2. Tell us about your concerns and security goals. We can provide suggestions and guidance about what you can do right now and then if a TSCM sweep is needed, the areas to inspect in your facility or residence. Based upon our experience in all manners of buildings and residences, we will provide you an approximate operational time and cost of accomplishing a sweep on your location and vehicle.
    3. Schedule a convenient sweep / inspection date. We are available evenings and weekends at no extra charge.

    From boardrooms to bedrooms, our eavesdropping TSCM investigations reduce opportunities for competitive intelligence spying and / or help assure and ensure your personal privacy- at home or wherever you may be threatened.

    Always feel free to contact us, whatever your security question. If we can't answer or solve your security problem, having been in this business for over 30 years, chances are we know the best person or company to direct you to for solving your concerns.

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