Corporate Profile

Richard Swank, a former U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer and U.S. Governmental operative, founded The Tamberlane Co., Inc. in 1979, and he possesses Private Detective license # 17 for the State of Kansas. At the time of its inception, Tamberlane, as it does now, provided both detective and Counter-Intelligence services. Additionally, Tamberlane served as special consultants and trainers to the law enforcement and corporate communities throughout the U.S.

The Tamberlane Co., Inc. presently has two entities:

Tamberlane Investigations

To our "private community" and those in the legal and insurance industries, we provide a full service, professional detective / investigative agency licensed by the State of Kansas (#16) and Missouri. We provide effective and timely investigative services, surveillance and undercover operations, and background and locator searches- all performed quickly and at reasonable costs to our clients. We service the "private" sector, legal and insurance communities, as well as the business and corporate arenas.

Tamberlane CounterIntelligence

A business espionage and countermeasures firm whose mission is to assist clients in protecting their proprietary information and to "make life as difficult and dangerous as possible for the business espionage practitioner (spy) and / or anyone illegally monitoring or infringing upon another person. Tamberlane CounterIntelligence is rated as a TSCM Level-5 countermeasures service.

Tamberlane is fully staffed with licensed, well-trained, and highly educated professionals with backgrounds in law enforcement, military, intelligence / counter-intelligence, business, and information systems / technology.

Tamberlane's focus is quality investigations on behalf of our clients with emphasis on a team philosophy. We maintain the importance of knowing our clients' goals, establishing effective and frequent communication, and to provide around-the-clock assurance that our clients will receive the best investigative services available.

The goal of our company is simple and forward: to use our full capacity to provide rapid and cost effective answers and responses producing case closure with positive and successful results! Tamberlane continues to grow with Technology to provide state-of-the-art results for their clients. Tamberlane's staff is active in continuing education and focusing on current affairs.

Integrity, Knowledge, Confidence, and Confidentiality...
Virtues that have Given Our Clients Answers and Peace of Mind Since 1979